Tuesday, 20 December 2011

What to wear.

It is a task that I have looked forward to with a mix of pleasure and guilt. What Berghaus products should I take on this expedition. What do I need, over what do I want. Sure in our comsumer world the best is always seen as the most expensive. But that is not what its all about.

Over the weekend I did a mock gear list, using gear I already own and have used on previosu trips. I took the gear lists from the Stikine, Tibet and Pakistan trips, along with the Alsek gear list I had.

A constant feature on all these trips was a good jacket for camp and off the water time. I need a jacket that offers a warm shell but also a small pack size, as it will spend lots of time in a drybag  stuffed in the back of my boat.


I have chosen the Men's Mount Asgard Hybrid Jacket.

It is a simple fact that a cold night or morning will kill the spirit and make for negative emotions to breed. This jacket will help in keeping the spirit lifted. I have also added a gilet for extra protection at high levels. Men's IgniteVest.

For  the trip a selection of baselayers both thermal and coolmax have been chosen, for both legs and body. These range from the simple tshirt style to zipped neck long sleeve. It is proposed that the walk in to the rivers Dudh and Arun I will wear a short sleeve or long sleeve cool max and I will upgrade to a long sleeve (x2) thermal for river use. Camp will return me to the simple base layer of the trek.

Fabrics will be treated as always with Grangers products both during and after tge expedition.

The walk in to these rivers I will be wearing cargo pants, with thermals and shorts worn when on the river. Berghaus have produced a fine shoe, with a low cut and vibram sole, that I know will adapt well to river situations, coupled with some wool socks, the show will also be used on the trek.

I have yet to think about my wet gear. Helmet and pfd are obvious, as is a boat and paddle. I am having trouble with choosing my dry top from my selection, stuff in drybags in Kathmandu. My instinct is to use a none latex jacket. I simply dont want a latex gasket failing me on the trip, if I take the latex out of the equation, thats one less worry. Nookie do a few jackets that have none latex necks, along with the zone that is a full latex free jacket. This is one of my most well used jackets, a simple solution and still 100% dry.

I may be updating this list as time goes on.

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